My Victoria Secret has arrived... 
hehehe..could not get it in difficult though..
my friend said u could find some in Jakarta.. 
but..thanks to my friend's friend..who studied in Ohio..
thank you so much... 
My favourite Pear Glace body splash.. :) 
smeels so sweet...
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Malu banget deh..

Yesterday, I was going out with my classmate to KLCC 
after that around 10pm we reached the bus station and waited for the bus to take us home.
when the bus arrived, we jumped on the bus.. i THOUGHT i saw him sitting in a platform inside the bus.. behind the front seats..
after paying the fare, without looking at the guy who sat on the platform...quicklky said to him
'eh kenapa lu duduk disini..kenapa gak di belakang aja..' 
and when i finished my sentence... 
i looked at him and paused for a while.. 
Oh my god... he was not my classmate.. 
he was a middle east guy with curly hair and a lot of backpacks..
he stared at me and maybe thought ' who the hell is this girl talking some spell on me..' 

I quickly said sorry and headed to my friend's seat..
he was laughing till dead... 
i am not gonna talk anymore on the bus...
and guess what..
me and that strange guy...were actually stopping in my apartment's bustop. 
more shammeee....;)

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French Cafe

This place called Thre Grand Cafe, Moulins
Rene Fallet and Georges Brassens
Coco Chanel and singer Bobby Lapointe 
made stop here..last time.
is it so classical?? or is it historical?
The Twins

(no subject)

Had my guitar lesson yesterday ..oh God..believe me..
its so hard..
Supposed to have my Research Method's presentation 
She cancelled it..
Supposed to cook..
lazyness attacked me..
akhirnya makan di luar juga..hehauehuaea..
midnite treat, went to have a mee goreng..:0

I will have busier days than ever in the next 2 weeks..
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Deep Condolences to all the victims of Virginia Tech's shooting.
May the Peace of God be with you..

by the way.
Is that really necessary Cho???

if Cho's still alive..
what will you ask him..?


Sedapnya masakan Indonesia

Lagi liat2 tiba2 ada gambar menarik
linknya disini

ada yang ganjil????
inilah yang menyebabkan kenapa masakan di Indonesia terbilang sangat sedap dibandingkan negara-negara lain..
beda bumbunya sih....
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Iseng karena banyak tugas..(Loh..)
jadi research tentang buah2..tadinya alpukat..ehh
ketemu mangga juga..
Look what i've found

links here
mana yang manalagi ya??? heuheuheuhe...
hey anyone heard of avocado jam?????
it sounds familiar but nothing about it on the net..-_-'


akhirnya!!! St*P*D streamyx!!!!
ahhhh...!! mau nangis rasanya..udah bisa inet lagi..
maaf yaaa..vacuum berminggu22..
rasanya terharu banget nih saat bisa buka google..hhahaha
well... berawal dari modem yang gak bisajalan..
sampe one of my housemate salah pasang adaptor..sehingga modem n routernya mati total..
baru sekarang ini..gue beli baru adsl router ..baru bisa
ok im back!!

So Crunchy

This housemate of mine..
mau aja digodain ama kita2..benernya udah lama..but skrng jadi banyak anak2 yang pake the word 'crunchy' for 'garink' 
hahaha..dodol aja sih..
it started when we were on the way back home and talking about food stuff
I said '......nggak crunchy'
and she was like ' apa tu crunchy'
Mode iseng gue keluar deh..
"crunchy itu garink lah...crunch crunch gitu..jadi kalo loe mau ngomong pake inggris misalnya 'loe garing bagnet sih' ya jadi why r u so crunchy..' getooo.."

And guess what! She did believe it..and used it. euahuehauheuahuehauhea
well afterall.. do not trust housemates for English vocabs...